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Homer, Nebraska


This ornate two-story, fourteen-room, Italianate-style brick house located near Homer, Nebraska was designed and built by Cornelius O’Connor, an Irish immigrant. O’Connor settled on this farm in 1863, began construction on this home in 1865, and completed the work in 1875. All the woodwork, including the staircase, was hand cut from walnut trees taken from behind the house. The original feather painting on the woodwork throughout the home was done by the Captain’s daughter, Charlotte O’Connor.

During this time Cornelius O'Connor was commissioned by Nebraska governor Richardson as a captain of a company formed to resist attacks by the Native Americans.

Captain O'Connor served as a member of the Nebraska Territorial Legislature representing Dakota County during the Civil War. He was instrumental in establishing the first school in Dakota County, the O'Connor school, which he directed for over 20 years.

The O’Connor house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 14, 1973.